Important information for BUPA-insured patients*

“Do I have to pay any excess for my consultation or surgery?”

No, you don’t. Mr Patton is “non fee-assured”, like most Consultant eye surgeons. However, he charges the fee agreed with BUPA for consultations and surgery, so there is no additional cost to you.

“Does this apply to cataract surgery too?”

Yes. Mr Patton operates on BUPA cataract patients at Optegra Eye Hospitals in Manchester and Central London. Optegra is a fully-accredited BUPA cataract provider. This means that routine appointments before and after your surgery, the surgery itself and your mono-focal lens are all included in the package, so you won’t pay any additional costs.

“But I spoke to BUPA, and they told me that I will have to pay an excess, because Mr Patton is non fee-assured….?”

As described above, Mr Patton’s fees are always in line with BUPA’s guideline fees, so you won’t pay any extra costs. Mr Patton is a fully accredited BUPA cataract surgeon, and operates at Optegra Eye Hospitals. The BUPA cataract pathway package means that you will not have to pay any excess for your cataract surgery with Mr Patton at Optegra Eye Hospitals.

*Some insurance policies have an excess premium. If you are normally required to pay an excess premium as part of your policy, this will not be affected by the above information.

Fully accredited BUPA Cataract pathway provider